City Brights start to go dark (updated)

Three Four Five more contributors to the City Brights blog are showing their support for the Newspaper Guild.

Albany County Comptroller Mike Conners won’t stop blogging but says he’ll use the space to tell about his family’s experiences with the Guild. Conners’ first post in support of the Guild can be read here and you can see the letter he sent to Publisher George Hearst here.

“What you are doing to the union will backfire economically on your family’s proud traditions and enormous wealth,” Conners wrote to Hearst.  “Please reconsider the path you are upon for it bodes poorly for our local economy and your paper’s future.”

UPDATE: Common Council President Shawn Morris, a Democratic candidate for mayor in Albany, just joined the ranks of the bloggers speaking up in support. You can read her comment here.

Mark Mishler, president of the Albany City Council PTA, told his readers why he won’t be blogging until a fair contract is reached here.

Teacher Valarie Karas also let everyone know that she is standing by our union. You can read what she has to say here.

And Mitch Messmore, founder of Art Night Schenectady, weighs in here.

Those four five join Albany Common Council member Corey Ellis, who is also running for mayor in Albany, in supporting the Guild.

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