Corey Ellis takes a stand for Guild

Albany Common Council member Corey Ellis, a Democratic candidate for mayor, is taking a stand in support of members of the Newspaper Guild.

Visitors to his blog on found a message explaining that he will be taking a hiatus from posting until a fair contract is reached. The Guild is very grateful for this show of support. Ellis was also among the council members who sponsored and approved a resolution in support of the Guild.

Troy Mayor Harry Tutunjian, a Republican, turned down an offer that he join the bloggers under the TU’s City Brights. He too said he could not do so while the Company is mistreating the Guild.

The support in the community is building every day, and we appreciate all of it.

Here’s a local blogger who explained why he is not commenting on Capital Confidential any more. We hear from more and more members of the community who support the Guild and are letting their voices be heard, even if it’s not on the TU site.

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