Hearst: Did I neglect to mention outsourcing your job?

In his latest Friday evening e-mail, Publisher George Hearst “applauds” the bargaining committee’s decision to take the Company’s proposal to the membership for a vote.

Hold your applause, sir. We’re recommending the membership soundly defeat it.

In his latest missive, the publisher fails to mention that his proposal would enable the Company to lay people off and outsource their jobs. Funny how that slipped his mind. 

He doesn’t mention that the Company has eliminated every driver’s job because it had that power (though it could not lay them off, most took buyouts.) He doesn’t tell you that in Brockton, Mass., the newspaper gained the ability to outsource work and eliminated every district manager’s job.

He also doesn’t tell you that the Guild proposed language that would bar the Company from creating ‘shadow’ companies. (That would meant they could not open an office down the road, or in the building even, and say it is a “separate” company called, say, the Design Shop, where all editorial and advertising art jobs would go.)

The Company refused to even discuss it.

George Hearst’s e-mails are interesting not for what they say, but for what they deliberately exclude.

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  • disgusted

    Some people will remember when the Times Union was considered an upstanding member of the business community. I guess those days are over.

    Does operating a charity that is supported in large measure by the Times Union’s employees make it a pillar of the good things in the Capital Region while it sends its jobs out of town and even out of America? Perhaps the Hope Fund will help buy shoes for some of the Capital Region children whose parents are put out of work in favor of someone in India.

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