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    Guild Seeks Joint Committee Meeting on Major Issues

    President Mandy Fries sent Publisher George Hearst a request for a Joint Standing Committee meeting on several topics that could have a dramatic impact on all of us. We have provided George an agenda that will address issues brought forward by the Guild and the Company. Reaching tentative agreements may result in holding a membership vote. Clean Desk Policy The Company has proposed a Clean Desk Policy to make it easier to clean desks. The policy at first glance calls for draconian discipline if you forget and leave something from a piece of paper to a notebook or something else on your desk. It doesn’t address if you leave something…

  • Monthly Executive Board Meeting

    Our monthly Executive Board meetings currently takes place every 2nd Thursday of the month at 6pm over Zoom. As always, these meetings are open to the membership. If you'd like to participate, email us at office@albanyguild.org before the start of the meeting and we'll send you the Zoom link.

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    Back to the office? Not quite yet

    The company doesn’t have a date for returning to the office after leaving in March due to the coronavirus pandemic. But the week of June 22 has tentatively been set for us to go inside the plant in small groups to collect items from our desks. Guild President Mandy Fries, Treasurer Jayson McKenna and Vice President Ken Crowe held a telephone conference call Tuesday, June 9 with Publisher George Hearst, Human Resources Director Ruth Fantasia and Operations vice President Dan Couto to discuss the status of moving back in. Dan said there’s no set date. George also emphasized that. Plans still call for a four-phase move in. Some of our…

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    Another $350 available for TU employees working outside the home

    Have you had to work outside your home? Have you had to work at the Times Union’s main office during stay-at-home orders? The Company informed the Albany Newspaper Guild on Tuesday that they intend to provide another round of $350 lump sum payments, which management is referring to as a “bonus,” for those who have had to work outside the home April 15, 2020 through June 9, 2020. Those who received payments during the first iteration of this, which was described as a “one-time payment” by the Company previously, will also be eligible for this second round. The Guild wants to make sure all employees who have worked outside the…

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    Return to office plans take shape

    The Guild met with Times Union Publisher George Hearst Friday afternoon for nearly 80 minutes to discuss planning for the safe return to the Albany Shaker Road main offices. President Amanda Fries and Vice President Ken Crowe represented the Guild. The Hearst Corp. is developing plans for about 200 offices that the company runs. Nearly everyone is working at home. The Times Union provided information to corporate (The Tower) that includes the number of desks, number of work stations and square footage for the initial planning. It appears it will be about 50 days before there is a chance to reopen the office. When it happens it will be a…