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    More Holidays and Expanded Funeral Leave

    Bargaining Bulletin #7: The Albany Newspaper Guild and the Times Union reached a tentative agreement Wednesday, Aug. 3, 2022, that Guild unit members will receive Presidents Day and Juneteenth off as holidays.  The Guild agreed that members working on holidays will be paid the normal holiday rate of 2.5 times their pay but that time work can no longer be banked as a future day off.  In addition, bereavement leave has been expanded to ten days for spouses, significant others, and children. For all other relatives, as outlined in the contract, five days of leave will be permitted. This is an improvement over the three days that had been allowed.…

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    Improved Vacation Time

    Bargaining Bulletin #6: It will take fewer years to get more vacation time under a tentative agreement reached by the Albany Newspaper Guild and the Times Union negotiating teams.  Long-time employees will no longer have to wait until their 25th year of employment to get five weeks of vacation. That will kick in after the 14th anniversary. New employees will receive their first two weeks immediately. Three weeks of vacation comes after two years of working and four weeks after nine years.  The vacation agreement was among three contract sections agreed to after bargaining resumed following a month’s hiatus due to vacations and the start of printing of the Hearst…

  • Monthly Executive Board Meeting

    Our monthly Executive Board meetings currently takes place every 2nd Thursday of the month at 6pm over Zoom. As always, these meetings are open to the membership. If you'd like to participate, email us at office@albanyguild.org before the start of the meeting and we'll send you the Zoom link.

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    Guild and Times Union See Progress

    Bargaining Bulletin #5: The Albany Newspaper Guild and the Times Union reached verbal tentative agreements on nine contract sections Thursday as bargaining for a new contract continued. The sections include Non-Discrimination, Disputes Adjustment, Strike and Lockout, Military Service, Outside Activity, Experience Credit, No Pay Cuts, Bulletin Boards, and Individual Increases. The Guild negotiating team of President Ken Crowe, Vice President Ty Stewart, and Steward Wendy Liberatore said the agreements and the discussions on other topics showed that the Guild and Times Union teams are making progress. The Company presented counter-proposals to those made by the Guild on short-term and long-disability insurance and vacation time, Extensive talks were held about the…

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    Guild and Times Union Review Proposal

    Bargaining Bulletin #4: The Albany Newspaper Guild and the Times Union bargaining teams met Wednesday for the second time in the newest round of contract negotiations. The Guild team asked questions in a section-by-section review of the company’s contract proposal.  This was done in order to understand the company’s stance on its proposals. The Guild and Times Union negotiating teams return to the bargaining table Thursday morning.