• Monthly Executive Board Meeting

    Our monthly Executive Board meetings currently takes place every 2nd Thursday of the month at 6pm over Zoom. As always, these meetings are open to the membership. If you'd like to participate, email us at office@albanyguild.org before the start of the meeting and we'll send you the Zoom link.

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    Return to office plans take shape

    The Guild met with Times Union Publisher George Hearst Friday afternoon for nearly 80 minutes to discuss planning for the safe return to the Albany Shaker Road main offices. President Amanda Fries and Vice President Ken Crowe represented the Guild. The Hearst Corp. is developing plans for about 200 offices that the company runs. Nearly everyone is working at home. The Times Union provided information to corporate (The Tower) that includes the number of desks, number of work stations and square footage for the initial planning. It appears it will be about 50 days before there is a chance to reopen the office. When it happens it will be a…

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    Guild 📰: Working for equity on COVID-19 benefits

    A message from the President Now two months into the stay-at-home order, we’ve hopefully all adapted to the “new normal” particularly when it comes to continuing business. Specifically speaking, Zoom meetings! That’s right, your Executive Board has gone virtual just like the rest of ‘em, and we want to continue expanding our virtual footprint with all of our members. If you’re interested in tuning into our next board meeting, Thursday, May 14, be sure to reach out for the Zoom log-in. We’re also in the process of setting up Zoom calls that range from possible virtual game nights to small group meetings to discuss the benefits our union provides to…

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    Guild agrees to 5 extra days off in 2021

    The Albany Newspaper Guild has agreed that each Times Union worker will receive 5 additional days of time off in 2021 in addition to what’s guaranteed in our contract. The company wanted us to act immediately on this setting a deadline for the end of the day on Wednesday April 29, 2020. Full-time employees will receive the 5 days off. Part-time employees will receive prorated days off. Hearst CEO Steve Swartz said Tuesday the additional time off would be given next year across the corporation. We know how each of us is working under difficult and stressful circumstances during the coronavirus pandemic. Unfortunately, these additional days off aren’t available this…

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    Paid parental leave, fighting for the industry and continuing to work for our members

    A Message from the President: Just because we may be apart, doesn’t mean the Guild isn’t working for you.  During these unprecedented times, your Executive Board has been in constant dialogue with Times Union management to ensure workers are protected as we navigate life amid the coronavirus.  While many other news outlets across the country have announced furloughs and layoffs, Times Union management and the Hearst Corporation have indicated employees’ jobs are safe and have expanded protections to workers as the Guild comes forward with various concerns. I’m happy to say these dialogues are cordial and productive, and I’m truly thankful for the support the Company has given employees. You…