• Breakfast on the Guild! (and Dinner for the late crew)

    Start your workday with coffee, bagels and pastries with breakfast on the Albany Newspaper Guild.  Where:Times Union Cafeteria (2nd floor) Time: 9–10:30 a.m. Date: Wednesday, Nov. 20 Be sure to bring your Guild mug to fill up with your favorite breakfast beverage!  A light spread from Moe’s will be offered in the Times Union newsroom for Guild-represented employees working evening shift from 6:30–8 p.m. Wednesday.

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    Guild assists member with serious medical diagnosis, changes at the TU, and upcoming events

    A Message from the President I encourage each of you to read thoroughly the one-sheet that has come along with this month’s installment of the Guild newsletter. Many of you may have been asking yourselves, “what exactly does the Guild do for me?” and this one sheet helps shed some light on those benefits. And certainly, we’re looking to expand on those protections. As newsrooms across the country join the fight to unionize, we at the Times Union are lucky to have a solid foundation to work from. We work in an ever-shrinking industry that has been devastated by cuts across the board, but being union-protected allows each of us…

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    4 new Guild-represented positions coming to Times Union newsroom

    The Executive Board reached an agreement Tuesday with newsroom management to add four new positions with the Guild as the Times Union ramps up efforts to grow its digital audience. The four Guild positions will be funded through the Hearst Corporation, as part of the company’s initiative to expand digital subscribers across all its newspaper holdings. The initiative also includes the addition of one exempt employee at the Times Union as Director of Audience. “It’s great to see the Times Union further embrace a digitally-focused newsroom,” Guild President Amanda Fries said. “I’m excited to bring additional members into the Guild who will work to expand the Times Union’s digital presence…

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    Guild members unanimously approve enhanced buyouts and health insurance change

    The members of Albany Newspaper Guild TNG-CWA Local 31034 showed their support for colleagues in the Times Union business office Wednesday during a special vote. The members voted 54-0 to approve a deal negotiated by the Guild with Times Union Publisher George Hearst for enhanced buyouts for members in the business office, whose jobs are being outsourced to Houston. The members also voted 53-0 to adopt a change in the dental provider under the overall health insurance package. “The turnout for the vote shows the Guild’s membership is involved and embracing the changes the Executive Board has promised,” President Amanda Fries said. The election turnout was 70 percent of eligible…

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    Special vote on health insurance and enhanced buyout for business office

    A special vote will be held on Wednesday, Oct. 2, 2019 to approve a health insurance package for 2020 as well as an enhanced buyout for impacted employees in the business office. Earlier this month, the Company approached the Executive Board and business office employees about outsourcing the work done of five of the six employees in the office. Through negotiations an enhanced buyout package was reached to compensate the employees who have worked at the Times Union for many years. Guild members are very pleased the Company is offering a non-precedent setting buyout package removing the 62-week cap for dismissal pay to compensate the longtime employees, providing 12 months…