Union role leads to job for Stacy Wood

Last week, Guild President Tim O’Brien had the honor to introduce the newest employee of the AFL-CIO’s Workforce Development Institute at a breakfast of labor leaders.

She is a familiar face to Guild members: our former colleague Stacy Wood.

Stacy served as a member of our bargaining team and on our Executive Board. She was known for her fairness, honesty, integrity and her willingness to stand up for her colleagues even when under pressure herself. Not only did Stacy always keep her sense of humor, she even volunteered to keep helping the bargaining team even after taking a buyout.

Stacy’s involvement in the union has now paid off with a new job as a regional program assistant with the Workforce Development Institute.

“My experience working with the Guild provided me with the knowledge and personal connections I needed to make a career change,” Stacy said. “I am not sure I could have made the transition had I not been involved with the Guild. It is really gratifying to know the work I am doing now enriches the lives of others, and you couldn’t find a better group of people than those in the labor community.”

In these economic times, it makes sense for employees to have a backup plan. Activity in the Guild can be a great way to add experience to your resume. The Capital Region is home to many labor unions, which have their statewide offices here, as well to political leaders, both Democrat and Republican, who are labor friendly. Union activity can also demonstrate your leadership skills.

The Guild now has an opening for a vice presidential slot on the Executive Board. If you’re interested, let us know. We will be scheduling an election shortly.

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