Guild to review proposed benefit cut

The Times Union is proposing to eliminate a benefit to district managers, and the Guild is investigating whether that action would violate the contract.

District managers receive a flat weekly allowance for the use of their cars, with the amount varying depending on what depot they work from. The contract language, which is still in effect, says that the allowance can be dropped if the employees are transferred to another district or “there is a marked reduction in their districts or mileage driven.”

To investigate the Company’s action, the Guild is asking the Company to document the factual basis for its action for each and every district manager. Once we receive that information, we will review it with the affected personnel. We will then determine whether the Company’s action is in violation of the contractual language.

The amount district managers receive each week can vary from approximately $15 to $30 a week. District managers now oversee not just the delivery of the Times Union, but The Record, Gazette, Saratogian, NY Times and other publications as well.

“The Company cannot just unilaterally decide to end a negotiated benefit,” said Guild President Tim O’Brien. “It must follow the contractual language. It is the Guild’s role to investigate any proposed changes in benefits and to determine whether those actions are permissible under our contract.”

The union has invited district managers to provide their input, and it will continue to keep them advised throughout the discussion.

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