Company clarifies parking policy

The Times Union has clarified the new parking rules: No one will be towed if they stay past the length of a normal work day and employees will not find their cars gone if they carpool with c0lleagues after work.

In a letter by attorney Mark Batten, the Company said, “the Guild expressed concerns about whether an employee’s car might be towed because he or she went out with colleagues for a drink after work, for example, or because the employee is working a shift that does not correspond to a “normal work day.” The answer is no. The Company does not intend to tow cars in such situations.”

Batten noted the Company permits employees to leave their cars in the parking lot for extended periods. It is simply seeking notice if an employee plans to leave a car in the parking lot “for an unusual length of time.”

“Such routine, day-to-day matters as going out to dinner has never resulted in the towing of a car, and will not in the future,” Batten wrote. “The Company also obviously understands that the definition of a “normal work day” may vary among bargaining unit members depending on their shift, and the policy does not impose a single dawn-to-dusk rule that would cause inconvenience for those employees.”

The letter addresses the concerns raised by many of our members when the e-mail announcing the policy changes was sent out. As a result of that clarification, the Guild withdrew its charge with the National Labor Relations Board challenging the legality of the policy being imposed without negotiation.

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