Guild makes new proposal on layoffs

The Guild made a new proposal Thursday that would allow the Company to lay off employees outside of seniority if they had consistent, documented performance problems.

The proposal was only applicable to this round of layoffs.

The Guild had previously proposed allowing the Company to skip employees of exceptional ability. The new proposal would still allow that, but it would also let the Company select a senior employee  for layoff if they had been notified of the performance problems, given time to meet the goals set forth for them and failed to do so. If the employee needed training, or had had insufficient training, the employee would be trained and not laid off.

“This is a significant step that would allow the Company to both keep employees who are doing exceptional work and lay off more senior workers who are less than stellar performers,” Guild President Tim O’Brien said.

You can read the proposal here.

The parties also spent time Thursday in an off-the-record discussion and will meet again next Thursday.


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