Did you get your fly swatter?

The Times Union was buzzing today as the official Albany Newspaper Guild fly swatters were handed out.

Since the TU started making everyone empty their own trash, we’ve noticed an abudance of fruit flies throughout the building. With the Times Union now wanting to turn good jobs in maintenance into outsourced poverty-level ones, we expect we’ll be seeing even more flies.

Don’t call a Swat team. Just use your handy new Albany Newspaper Guild fly swatter. And please, obey the instructions: Do not use on colleagues, bosses or even corporate attorneys, no matter how great the temptation.

If you didn’t get your fly swatter, let us know and we’ll get you one.

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  • JiNX-01

    OMG, flyswatters? Why is the Guild providing them? Isn’t the company responsible for supplying the employees with the equipment they need to do their jobs?

    Good grief.

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