Albany Common Council to back Guild

Albany city leaders will vote Monday on a resolution in support of workers at the Times Union. The meeting will be at 7 p.m. Monday on the second floor of Albany City Hall.

The resolution already has 13 sponsors in a 15-member body. It honors the Albany Guild local on its 75th anniversary but notes the recently changed tone in the relationship with the Hearst Corp.

The Times Union is trying to gut the employees’ contract, allowing management to lay off employees and outsource their work. It  also wants to be able to lay off workers no matter how long or loyal their service.

When the union stood up to the newspaper company, the Hearst Corp., threatened to cancel the Guild’s contract on April 9. Guild leaders have warned that such an unprecedented action would lead to boycotts, picketing and other job actions.

The union has offered concessions in an attempt to resolve the dispute, including wage cuts, reduced overtime and other savings.

In its resolution, the Common Council says it backs the union in its fight.

“This body supports the Newspaper Guild of Albany on the occasion of its 75th anniversary for its long history of dedication to the working men and women of Albany and the Capital Region,” the resolution reads. “This body supports the Guild in its fight to keep experienced, loyal employees at work and to keep jobs in the Capital Region and condemns any attempt by the Times Union to cancel its union’s contract.”

The council further resolves that, should the Times Union cancel the Guild’s contract, “this body will stand in solidarity with the union and will support any and all boycotts, picketing or other efforts necessary to achieve a fair outcome.”

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