I’m going to race around the world superfast (Want to see it again?)

Ever play that gag when you were a kid? You’d tell some other child about your amazing, superfast running speed. You’d say “I am going to run around the world.” You’d assume a running position, then you’d turn and smile: “Want to see me do it again?”

That’s what it has been like to bargain with the Company this time around.

In his latest memo, Publisher George Hearst says the Company has made a new proposal. Oh, he still wants to be able to lay off anyone the Company chooses regardless of how long and loyal that person’s service. But now as he boots these workers out the door, he’ll give them health care for a little while. We’re sure this is a great comfort to people in their 50s, say, who wonder if they will ever be able to work again, especially if they have ongoing health issues.

Of course, seniority is only one of the huge issues on the table. Mr. Hearst does not say a thing — and the Company did not propose — any changes to the proposal to lay employees off and outsource their jobs. Or to eliminate the no-pay-cuts clause.

But the Guild bargaining team will weigh his proposal and respond. It would have been helpful to get it sooner than on Friday afternoon, so we may take some time Tuesday morning to contemplate our reply before meeting with the Company.

We do find it funny that the Company complained last week that we weren’t moving fast enough, then waited until Friday afternoon to produce this minuscule move. And they expect all of us to believe they are moving superfast when in fact they are standing still.

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