Membership Updates

Bonus Payment

The Local’s Executive Board has approved at its December meeting a one-time bonus payment by the Times Union to Guild-represented employees who aren’t paid commissions.

The company said the bonus most likely will be 1 percent of annual salary (that’s $500 if you earn $50,000). This is similar to what occurred in 2020.

Severance Vote

The membership at a special meeting Dec. 9, 2021 approved a special severance package for unit members who are not vaccinated. They will receive up to 8 weeks pay, the equivalent amount of health insurance in coverage or cash and can apply for unemployment.

Christmas and New Year’s Day

Just a reminder that under our contract Dec. 25 is the Christmas Holiday and Jan. 1 is the New Year’s Day Holiday.

The company sent out the wrong information but at the Guild’s request has corrected it with a follow up email. If you opt not to take the holiday on the Friday before or the Monday after and Saturday is your normal day off you can take a make-up day.


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