Officers Elected

Ty Stewart was elected vice president of the Albany Newspaper Guild and David Johnson was elected as an At-Large Member of the local Executive Board at the local’s annual membership meeting.

Ty and Dave will serve the remaining 16 months in the 3-year terms of office for each of the two positions.

Ty previously was an At-Large Executive Board member.  He takes on the responsibilities of what had been the vacant vice president position on the Executive Board.

Dave was elected to fill the vacancy created when Ty became vice president.

Get Vaccinated

The membership voted unanimously to support all unit members getting vaccinated against COVID-19.

A new executive order announced Thursday by President Joe Biden will require vaccination or weekly testing at employers with 100 or more employees. The Times Union has more than 200 workers.

The vast majority of the unit membership is vaccinated. In meetings with Times Union, management reported that all but 10 unit members are vaccinated.  That means more than 90 percent of the local is vaccinated.

The Guild has held discussions with the Company since the start of the coronavirus pandemic in 2020. This has resulted in the delay of the return to working in the main building. The Guild continues to monitor the infection rates in the Capital Region.

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