Covid-19 Update: Return to Office Delayed — Get Vaccinated

The Guild and the Times Union agreed Wednesday that the return to office schedule would be delayed as the Capital Region leads the state in COVID-19 infections.

The new schedule calls for those who were to return on Aug. 16 to now go back on Sept. 7. Those who were to initially return on Sept. 7 will now go back on Oct. 4.

This schedule may be changed again based on the COVID-19 infection rates. The Guild and the Times Union agreed to monitor the numbers as the Delta variant continues to be prevalent.

You Must Get Vaccinated

The Guild and the Times Union also discussed protecting our colleagues, families and friends from getting infected with COVID-19. The company is requiring everyone to get vaccinated and to provide proof to human resources. You must do this.

In the past week, the Guild has heard from members concerned about their children who are too young to be vaccinated and regarding family members who immunologically compromised and face health issues. These issues have been raised with the Times Union. The delay in the return to the office and getting vaccinated will help protect everyone from COVID-19 and protect these family members.

Under the law, the company can mandate vaccinations. The vaccinations also will fulfill our contractual guarantees to a safe and healthy work environment. The only exceptions to the mandate are to provide an excuse based on religion or for a medical condition. The Guild and the Times Union discussed this situation.

The Guild urges you to get vaccinated if you have not yet done so. If you are vaccinated, provide the required proof to the company as indicated in a companywide email sent Wednesday at about 5:20 p.m.

If you have any questions or need assistance, contact the Guild at, a Guild executive board member or your shop steward.

The Guild and the Times Union discussed the COVID-19 situation on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. These latest discussions were continuation of the talks both sides have held on a regular basis since the pandemic struck in early 2020.

Please help protect our colleagues, friends and families.

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