Return to Office Delayed by Week

The Executive Board decided Sunday that given the increasing COVID-19 infection rates that a meeting should be held to seek a delay in the return to the office. Exposure to the Delta variant is too dangerous to be ignore.

Local President Ken Crowe sent a letter Sunday to Publisher George Hearst and Human Resources Director Ruth Fantasia requesting a meeting. They asked for a delay to consult with corporate.

On Wednesday, Crowe, Hearst and Fantasia met. It was agreed that the Aug. 9 return would be postponed until Aug. 16. This does not impact the September return planned for some.

The company will send out an email announcing the one week delay.

The Guild is monitoring the COVID-19 rates in the Capital Region. Albany, Rensselaer, Saratoga and Schenectady counties have all exceeded the CDC levels that would require wearing a mask indoors.

The Guild will request additional meeting and action as the as the review of infection rates dictate.

Corporate is apparently pushing to get employees back into the newspaper offices around the country.

Everyone is supposed to be able to have a hybrid schedule mixing work in the office and work at home. If you are anxious about returning to the office let the Guild know via office@albanyguild.orgor contacting an officer or your shop steward. The Guild will bring your concerns to the company.

The company has asked that you let Ruth Fantasia know at know whether or not you are vaccinated. Currently, 53 percent of the employees have been vaccinated. They don’t know the vaccination status of about 45 percent.

Any questions contact the Guild office, officers or stewards

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