Back to the office? Not quite yet

The company doesn’t have a date for returning to the office after leaving in March due to the coronavirus pandemic. But the week of June 22 has tentatively been set for us to go inside the plant in small groups to collect items from our desks.

Guild President Mandy Fries, Treasurer Jayson McKenna and Vice President Ken Crowe held a telephone conference call Tuesday, June 9 with Publisher George Hearst, Human Resources Director Ruth Fantasia and Operations vice President Dan Couto to discuss the status of moving back in.

Dan said there’s no set date. George also emphasized that.

Plans still call for a four-phase move in. Some of our members have continued to work inside. The building has been thoroughly cleaned.  That’s one reason we’re supposed to make a quick trip in.  For the future, the company wants to have a clean desk policy. Our Executive Board is reviewing the proposed policy at the June meeting. We’ll be updating you on that in the near future.

The company’s plans for the return are under review by corporate down in The Hearst Tower in New York City. Dan said they’ve reviewed the 286 desks and work stations. There may be close to 100 moves as the company seeks to establish social distancing. 

Most of the furniture from the conference rooms has been removed. There will be arrows on the floors – just like the grocery store – to maintain social distancing in tight areas.  The hallways will have two-way traffic. Masks will have to be worn in common areas such as the hallways. Personal protection equipment will be available. Ruth said Dan’s been stockpiling PPE since we moved out.

The bathrooms and heating and cooling systems are functioning properly. There are touchless paper towel and soap dispensers in the bathrooms.

It’s unknown if the company will want to take temperatures.

The company intends to clean thoroughly each day.

As we learn more, we will provide additional updates.

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