Another $350 available for TU employees working outside the home

Have you had to work outside your home?

Have you had to work at the Times Union’s main office during stay-at-home orders?

The Company informed the Albany Newspaper Guild on Tuesday that they intend to provide another round of $350 lump sum payments, which management is referring to as a “bonus,” for those who have had to work outside the home April 15, 2020 through June 9, 2020.

Those who received payments during the first iteration of this, which was described as a “one-time payment” by the Company previously, will also be eligible for this second round.

The Guild wants to make sure all employees who have worked outside the home are recognized and receive this payment. If you believe you may qualify for this “bonus,” make sure to have the following information ready:

  1. When did you work outside the home? List specific dates.

  2. Why couldn’t this work be done inside the home?

  3. Is your direct supervisor aware of this?

Please contact the Guild and let us know if you think you might merit this pay, and we can help make sure to get this benefit. Email

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