Despite buyouts, photographer let go

The company chose to accept two buyouts of Guild members, but it is not using the savings to keep a well-respected photographer.

Instead the newspaper will fill a reporting position.

A page designer in editorial and a district manager in circulation had their buyout offer accepted.

Despite that savings, the company chose to let go a photographer originally given notice two weeks ago at the same time as Editorial Cartoonist John de Rosier.

“We are certainly glad to see a reporter hired to replace Dayelin Roman,” Guild President Tim O’Brien said. “But we had hoped our negotiation of a buyout and finding two willing takers would enable the photographer to keep his job.”

Instead of losing two members, the Guild finds itself losing four and gaining back one.

A manager who also sought the buyout did not have his request accepted, the company said.


  • J

    If this was ANY other local company and this happened or their workers hadn’t recieved raises in 5 years, it would be on the FRONT page of the TU but here where it gets worse and worse EVERYDAY, it is hidden from the public. This company is a disgrace to work for and clearly Hearst doesn’t value their employees. Where is the trust when one thing is said then he/they turn around and do another??? It will only get worse when the “new guy” Kurt comes on 11/5 to clean house again like Mark did a few years ago.

  • Skeets

    There used to be a degree of caring about workers at the top of this company/corporation. That has vanished like snowflakes on a lawn in high summer. If you think you are anything more than a number to those running this company, no matter who you are, no matter how good you are at your job, you are sadly wrong. This is why we cannot sign off on any contract offer that allows outsourcing. No matter how much quality and customer service would suffer, these people would sell your jobs to a $2-a-day worker in the Third World in a heartbeat.

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