Members approve buyout offer in bid to stop layoff

Hoping to prevent a photographer from being laid off, Guild members approved a buyout offer Thursday.

One employee has already notified the company of an interest in the buyout. The person has a similar number of years of experience, and the cost and benefit to the company would be similar.

The vote was 45-1, with almost all of the ballots understandably being cast by editorial employees.

Interested members have until 5 p.m. Friday to apply at the Human Resources office.

An exempt manager also commented on the Guild’s blog, asking if¬†supervisors were being allowed to apply and expressing a willingness to take in order to save a job.

The union asked Human Resources Director Ruth Fantasia, who said the offer had not been extended to exempt workers but they were welcome to contact her about their interest. The union informed the manager who had inquired about her response.

“While we hate to lose any more employees, the Guild certainly prefers to see people leave voluntarily rather than be forced out,” Guild President Tim O’Brien said. “The photographer who has received notice is a great talent, known for his great care and dedication in producing images for the newspaper. With a new press about to come on line that will allow color on every page, his work would be a great asset to the paper. He has the strong support of his colleagues, who are pulling for him to be able to stay.”

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