Times Union case now goes to the judge

The testimony in the case against the Times Union is complete, and the legal charges will now go to the judge for a decision.

Monday and Tuesday, a hearing into charges that the newspaper broke the law when it walked people out of the building when it was supposed to be negotiating critieria for layoffs was held at the Leo O’Brien Federal Building in downtown Albany. The National Labor Relations Board investigated the case and filed the charges.

A counsel for the NLRB was the lead prosecutor in the case.  Both the Guild and the newspaper had lawyers participating.

Guild President Tim O’Brien and seven of the workers who had been laid off testified in the case. The union is grateful to those workers for reliving what had to be one of the most painful days in their working lives.

The attorneys for all sides now have a little more than a month to file legal briefs that the judge will review before making his decision.

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