Times Union goes on trial Monday

On Monday morning, the National Labor Relations Board will begin its hearing into charges that the Times Union violated labor law when it walked employees out of the building when the company was supposed to be negotiating layoff criteria with the Guild.

The case will be prosecuted by counsel from the NLRB, which investigated the complaint and filed the legal charge. The union will also have a lawyer participating. The company will have its own attorney, and the case will be heard by an administrative law judge.

The hearing will be held in a third floor room at the NLRB offices in the Leo O’Brien Federal Building in downtown Albany. It begins at 10 a.m. Monday and is open to the press and to the public. It is expected to take several days.

The administrative law judge will decide the case. If the Times Union is found to have violated labor law, it will be ordered to restore the affected employees to the payroll and to negotiate properly and in good faith.

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