Stacy Wood agrees to keep bargaining

Stacy Wood has agreed to continue serving on the bargaining team after taking a buyout from her position.

The Guild has reached out to members in advertising, and the answer is that employees retain confidence in Stacy’s continued ability to represent them.

“People in advertising have told me the increased workload and state of the industry make it very difficult for them to find time to serve on the bargaining team at this time,” Guild President Tim O’Brien said. “They also are reluctant to join the team so deep into negotiations. I’ve been advised that people are very confident that Stacy will continue to be an effective bargainer and that she brings to the table a detailed understanding of how the advertising department works and the pressures members there face.”

It is not unprecedented in the Guild for a former employee to continue serving.

“We greatly appreciate Stacy’s continued willingness to spend time negotiating,” O’Brien said. “She’s a pro. She’s highly responsible, great to work with, and she truly cares about the people who work at the Times Union. We’re grateful she is willing to continue to work with us.”

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