Hearst: If you think this sucks…

We’ve seen company bosses say all kinds of things in the heat of negotiations, but Publisher George Hearst hit a new low today.

In his memo to staff, he said: “If we cannot reach a negotiated agreement in short order, the further passage of time without relief on these important issues may require us to modify our proposal to something worse.  We do not wish to take that step, but if it is necessary, we will.”

Wow. The very definition of a bully.

It’s a shame to see someone who once had such a sterling reputation in the community continue to sully it. His approval ratings are dropping like Gov. Paterson’s, for the same reasons.


  • disgusted

    “Relief.” Where the hell is our “relief?” We are living through the worst recession in decades without having had a raise in a year and a half, and the reward for our hard work is the threat of being thrown out on the street.

    Does anyone in the community still harbor the delusion that Hearst cares about his employees?

  • United we stand

    There should be no doubt what eliminating the outsourcing provision would mean to many guild members: loss of livelihood.

    Read this blog post about what’s happening at Tribune newspapers.

    Call me crazy, but I don’t think adding a week of severance and health coverage for every year worked is a fair trade for handing over our jobs to Houston, India or to local freelancers who won’t receive benefits or good living wages.

    Their “last and final offer” is our evisceration, folks. The Company’s arrogance and greed is nauseating. If that’s the company’s last and final offer, the circulation boycott can’t begin soon enough. When the Times Union actually starts losing money, it might realize treating its dedicated employees like scrap benefits no one.

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