Area Labor Federation conference backs Guild

At the just-concluded annual meeting of the Capital District Area Labor Federation, delegates passed a resolution supporting the Guild. The meeting drew more than 140 delegates and guests, and the resolution passed unanimously.

“The Capital District Area Labor Federation supports the Guild in its fight to keep experienced, loyal employees at work and to keep jobs from being outsourced; condemns the Times Union’s decision to cancel the union’s contract; and urges the newspaper’s management to abandon the destructive path it has taken,” the resolution reads.

It continues: “This body will stand in solidarity with the union and will support any and all boycotts, picketing or other efforts necessary to achieve a fair outcome.”

The Times Union’s effort to gut worker protections drew loud boos from the audience.  The Capital Region has the highest union density in New York State, meaning that the newspaper’s circulation and its advertisers’ profitability is based on the support of union households.

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