People getting word on buyouts

As many of you already know, employees are being informed as to whether they are being given the buyout. Some will be leaving the newspaper’s employment on April 30.

The breakdown of applicants we’ve received is: nine in advertising, eight in editorial, two in the business office and one person in circulation. The Guild prefers that people getting the buyout let their colleagues know, rather than us disclosing it immediately. Some people openly discuss it; others like to let it be known only as they are heading to the door. We respect their wishes.

We’ll provide an official breakdown of what positions folks held once the final news is delivered. We’ve yet to hear of anyone turned down.

We are losing many good people, but we appreciate the fact that they get to go voluntarily and with some extra pay and health insurance. All of them leave with our best wishes for success in whatever path they choose.


  • Not Pleased

    Why are people being refused the buyout when there are people like me who would be willing to be retrained? I think it’s shameful to not avoid a layoff of even one person.

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