Guild Begins Bargaining June 8th

Bargaining Bulletin #2:

We start talks with the Times Union for a new contract on Wednesday June 8th.

The Albany Newspaper Guild’s Executive Board will serve as the bargaining committee and has added other Guild members to the committee.

The Executive Board promised when it took office that a new collective bargaining agreement would be negotiated. The pandemic delayed negotiations.

When talks begin Wednesday, President Ken Crowe will be joined by Vice President Ty Stewart and Steward Wendy Liberatore at the bargaining table.  Other Executive Board members will be at the table as needed.

The Executive Board has used the results of membership surveys to pull together a proposed contract. The proposal will be presented to the Company Wednesday when negotiations begin.

The Guild’s and the Company’s respective leaderships have been communicating and have held in-depth discussions over the last two years that have dealt with Covid-19 working conditions and other topics.  Both sides have agreed it’s time to bargain a new contract.

An aggressive negotiating schedule has been set with multiple meeting dates scheduled for June and July with six-hour bargaining sessions.

The Executive Board will issue regular updates on bargaining.

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