Buyout Vote

Special Membership Meeting — Monday, June 21 at 6 p.m. on Zoom

The Albany Newspaper Guild and the Times Union reached a tentative agreement for buyouts to be offered to unit members.

The Albany Newspaper Guild Executive Board has called a Special Membership Meeting for 6 p.m. Monday, June 21, 2021 on Zoom to vote on a proposed Buyout Agreement.

The Executive Board voted unanimously Wednesday night to recommend approval of the agreement.

The company is seeking to cut staffing by 8 to 10 people across the newspaper. The company said staff reductions would be from the Guild membership and employees not represented by the Guild.

The tentative agreement reached includes:

A minimum of 12 weeks pay up to a maximum of 62 weeks to be calculated in six month increments. Pay to be determined by highest week’s pay exclusive of overtime and those receiving commissions will have commissions calculate on a 52-week average since June 1, 2020.

The last day on the job will be no later than Saturday July 31, 2021 unless otherwise approved by the publisher.

Employees will receive health insurance equal to severance with the company paying the employee’s share of the premium. Employees may opt out of health insurance and receive 50 percent of the premium but must provide prove of health insurance.

There is a bonus payment of $2,500 for employees with 0 to 10 years of service; $5,000 for 11 to 20 years; and $7,500 for those with 21 years or more.

Employees remain eligible for pension benefits they are entitled to or vested in.

Employees will receive all accrued vacation, personal days and makeup days except for the five 2020 Covid days.

The company will not challenge unemployment as long as employee answers employment questionnaire truthfully and accurately.

The company may turn down any application. The Guild may request a meeting with management and the employee to discuss why the application was rejected.

The departing employee must sign a confidential separation agreement and general release.

Departing employees will receive a one-year digital subscription to the Times Union.

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