Return to Office

Stewards will be contacting you

A Guild team recently met with the company to discuss the planned phased return to the Times Union building on Albany Shaker Road. This would be completed by the beginning of September.

The plans are very similar to what was to occur last year before the resurgence of COVID-19 cases led to most of us continuing to work remotely. There will be three phases to returning to the plant. Most of us in the Guild unit would be back at the beginning of September.

President Ken Crowe, Secretary Massarah Mikati and Chief Steward Rob Gavin discussed the matter with Publisher George Hearst and Human Resources Director Ruth Fantasia.

There was a candid discussion about many unit members wanting to work a hybrid schedule which would see them return to the office for a few days each week. We’ve all shown that we’re productive working at home or from other locations.

Massarah suggested the Times Union investigate securing co-working spaces around the Capital Region for reporters, advertising salespeople and other employees to use.

George Hearst explained how the company wants to maintain the interactions among employees, sharing of ideas and the Hearst ethos. He acknowledged the strong feeling among all employees for hybrid schedules.

The company presented proposed remote work rules. The Guild presented its proposal seven months ago. The company’s proposal is under review and a response will be made.

What you can do:

During the next two weeks your shop steward will be contacting you with several questions. One of the questions will be about return to work and what you want to see. Please respond when contacted. This will help the Guild help you.

We have heard from some members about a few managers saying they want everyone back inside. A letter has been sent to the company raising concerns about this.

Also, listen to the all-hands meeting the company is holding on June 3. That’s when full details of the company’s plans will be reviewed.

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