Health Insurance stays on MVP for 2021. Voluntary buyout talks on Monday.

The Guild met with company representatives Thursday to discuss health insurance.  Besides learning about the rates for 2021, we heard that the Hearst Co. has approved across the board buyouts in the newspaper division.  Vice President Ken Crowe and Treasurer Jayson McKenna represented the Guild.

Health Insurance stays on MVP for 2021

We will have the same health insurance coverage in 2021 as this year, the MVP High Deductible Plan.

Insurance premiums for the composite rate will go up 80 cents per week raising the weekly premium payment to $69.52 from the current weekly rate of $68.72.  This includes the Delta Dental Insurance.

This health plan has a $2,000 deductible with the employee responsible for the first $850 and the company paying the remaining $1,150 before the insurance payment kicks in.

Some people have the $3,000 deductible plan which has three coverages — for single, single plus one and family.  Under this plan, the employee pays the entire $3,000 deductible.  The weekly premiums for 2021 are $31.03 for single; $57.27 for single plus one; and $83.50 for family.

Voluntary Buyout talks on Monday

Human Resources Manager Ruth Fantasia informed Jayson and Ken that Hearst CEO Steve Swartz had given approval this week for the Newspaper Division to offer a voluntary buyout to division employees.

Ruth said this is a voluntary buyout and that there would be no layoffs. The company is not seeking a minimum number of buyouts or a certain amount of cost savings.  Ruth described it as an opportunity for people who want to go in new directions in their careers.

President Mandy Fries will lead the Guild team that will negotiate the buyout terms at a meeting scheduled for 11 a.m. Monday at the Times Union building.


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