Return to plant concerns? Let the Guild know.

The Guild has heard from many members about concerns in going back into work inside at the main plant. We’ve also heard from people who are looking forward to getting back to their desk after leaving it behind in mid-March.

Yes, it’s been a tough and challenging time for all of us as we’ve adapted to working at home. The Guild has held numerous meetings with the Company to discuss safety and various other matters that have arisen during the coronavirus pandemic.

The Executive Board has worked with International Representative Melissa Nelson, a former Albany Guild president, to draft a proposal to provide for unit members who want the option of continuing to work from outside the building.

We have all demonstrated that we can work remotely. Studies show both employees and employers benefit when a person wants to work remotely and is accommodated. It’s a morale boost and a productivity boost for remote workers.

We would like to hear from you about this.

When it comes to returning to work, the company has divided our unit into four Groups — A, B, C and D. Not everyone is included in a group. Photographers and district managers are not listed in any of the groups. There are 113 people split among the four groups on the list.

The company’s first phase for reopening the main building on Albany Shaker Road calls for Group A to start back on Aug. 17. There are 15 members of our unit who are in that group. There are no return dates yet set for Groups B, C and D.

If you have concerns about going back in, Guild representatives are prepared to talk to the company on your behalf. Management has indicated they will take into consideration each of our own circumstances. Some of us may have health or family issues that may cause a delay in returning.

Guild stewards are in the process of contacting everyone to check in, find out what’s on your mind and to hear your concerns. Please respond to them if you miss their call.

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