Guild agrees to 5 extra days off in 2021

The Albany Newspaper Guild has agreed that each Times Union worker will receive 5 additional days of time off in 2021 in addition to what’s guaranteed in our contract.

The company wanted us to act immediately on this setting a deadline for the end of the day on Wednesday April 29, 2020.

Full-time employees will receive the 5 days off. Part-time employees will receive prorated days off.

Hearst CEO Steve Swartz said Tuesday the additional time off would be given next year across the corporation.

We know how each of us is working under difficult and stressful circumstances during the coronavirus pandemic. Unfortunately, these additional days off aren’t available this year. Under the terms proposed by the company, you must be working from May 1, 2020 to Jan. 1, 2021 to receive these additional days off. If you decide to leave the company or are laid off during this period you will not be given the additional time. If you leave before using this time off, you will not be paid for it as you would for vacation, personal and make-up time.

The agreement is non-precedent setting.

The Guild will inform the company that this is a one-time agreement to the additional leave without waiving our representational rights or right to bargain in the future over any mandatory subject such as benefits including sick leave and time off.

Stay well and please be careful.

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