4 new Guild-represented positions coming to Times Union newsroom

The Executive Board reached an agreement Tuesday with newsroom management to add four new positions with the Guild as the Times Union ramps up efforts to grow its digital audience.

The four Guild positions will be funded through the Hearst Corporation, as part of the company’s initiative to expand digital subscribers across all its newspaper holdings. The initiative also includes the addition of one exempt employee at the Times Union as Director of Audience.

“It’s great to see the Times Union further embrace a digitally-focused newsroom,” Guild President Amanda Fries said. “I’m excited to bring additional members into the Guild who will work to expand the Times Union’s digital presence and enhance the great work our members do daily.”

The five new positions are part of a corporate initiative that challenges the Times Union to increase its digital subscribers to 25,000 by the end of 2021.

Management initially proposed three out of the five positions be Guild employees but compromised with union leaders to include four as Guild-represented.  The titles for these four new Guild positions are: Data/Business Intelligence Analyst and Online Content Manager, both in Pay Classification A; and TU Multimedia Producer and Content Producer, both in Pay Classification C. The four titles are added to the contract. The new positions are expected to be posted in the near future.

Unionized employees have been hit hard as the Times Union sought buyouts and proceeded with layoffs earlier this year along with outsourcing the company’s business office to Houston.

Friday will mark the last day for some business office employees whose jobs are being outsourced. The Times Union is wishing them farewell with cake at 2 p.m. in the executive conference rooms.

The membership’s strong turnout in voting unanimous approval of an enhanced buyout for our business office colleagues sent a strong message. The Executive Board thanks the membership again for your support.

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  • Darryl McGrath

    As a former Guild member and active Guild supporter, I hope this is a good start to a sustained reinvestment in the paper by Hearst.

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