Could a title change have put you at risk of being laid off?

Has your title changed in recent years?

Are you vulnerable to being laid off despite your years of service? 

As we unfortunately learned from layoffs in 2009, the Company now lays off Guild-eligible employees by job title and not by department, which was previously the case through the Guild contract. 

By shifting layoffs to job title rather than department, the seniority pools have shrunk, putting more people at risk to a layoff should the Company pursue such action. 

Title changes over the years for Guild-eligible employees could have made you vulnerable to layoffs by putting you on a lone island with a new title. If you, or a coworker, has had a title change please contact the Guild to determine seniority and whether the position was negotiated and agreed to by the Board. 

If you have any questions or general concerns about your status and seniority, please don’t hesitate to reach out to Board members. We’re here to make sure the contract we have in place still protects your rights as an employee at the Times Union.

You can reach out to the Guild generally at, or by calling 518-482-9218. Contact Guild President Amanda Fries directly at


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