Guild President Tim O’Brien bids farewell

Dear Colleagues:

It’s with strong emotions I write to let you know that I am leaving the Times Union, and my role as your Guild president, for a new job as a public information officer for the state Department of Motor Vehicles and the Governor’s Task Force on Traffic Safety.

While I am excited about this new opportunity, I will deeply miss so many friends I have made here as well as the work I have enjoyed so much.

I will also miss being your president. I have held the office for more than 17 years, the longest tenure in our local’s history. It has enabled me to get to know so many people, upstairs and down. It’s also made me a better employee as I have come to a greater understanding of how all the various departments work and how they pull together to create this wonderful newspaper.

I also want to thank our members. These recent years have not been easy, but you all have held together so well and made clear you appreciate the benefits the Guild provides. I hope the company and your new leadership will find a way to give you the contract and raises you deserve. You have my full support. (And I will remain a union member with PEF.)

With my departure, there will be three open seats on the Executive Board as Cindy Schultz and Mike Huber left before me. Please consider taking a seat on the board. Now more than ever, the Guild needs your support.

I am profoundly grateful to all of the people I have served with over the years. The remaining board members — Brian Nearing, Marianne Mahr, Mark Hempstead and Jennifer Rodd — are terrific representatives but they need and deserve your help.¬†Over the years, I was always amazed that when board members left, someone always stepped up. When we needed a chief steward, Brian took on the task and became an invaluable partner.

Please think seriously about joining the board. You are needed, you will feel good helping your colleagues, and it will make you a better employee. And it could lead to other career opportunities.

Best of luck to all and if you’re in downtown Albany, especially in summer when the lunch trucks are out, let me know and I’ll gladly meet you for lunch.

Forever in solidarity,



  • Bruce A Scruton

    Good luck, Tim….and to stress Tim’s message to the membership: Stay together, for in unity is strength.
    Bruce A Scruton, former local president and grievance chair…

  • Audrey Lahoff

    Tim I wish you all the best! You have worked tirelessly for the Guild staff of the Times Union with determination and dignity. You will sincerely be missed.

    Good luck and happiness to you on your next adventure!

  • Melissa Nelson

    Best of luck with your new adventure, Tim.
    You have been a tireless and stalwart soldier for the Guild and its members.
    You will be missed on so many levels.
    In Unity.
    Melissa Nelson

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