Seven elected to Executive Board

Guild members elected seven people to three-year terms on the Executive Board.

The vote comes as the local continues to gear up for reopening full contract bargaining.

All but one of those elected were incumbents. Jeff Boyer did not seek re-election, and he was replaced on the board by Jennifer Rodd of advertising. Welcome aboard, Jen!

Your Executive Board members are:
• Tim O’Brien of Editorial, President.
• Marianne Mahr of Advertising, Treasurer
• Mark Hempstead of Advertising Art, Secretary
• Brian Nearing of Editorial, Chief Steward
• Michael Huber of the Web Desk, 1st Vice President
• Cynthia Schultz of Editorial, 2nd Vice President
• Jennifer Rodd of Advertising, 3rd Vice President

The board thanks our members for their support. We look forward to continue to work with and for you as we prepare to return to the bargaining table.

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