Guild mourns the loss of former president Tom La Point

The Newspaper Guild/CWA of Albany is deeply saddened to learn of the death of our former Times Union colleague Tom La Point.

Read the story on Tom’s career here.

Tom worked for several decades as a photographer for the Times Union. Upon his retirement, he moved to North Carolina where he died

He was active in the Guild and served as its president.

“Tom was a character and if he didn’t like an editor, he could give the person a really hard time,” said current President Tim O’Brien. “But if you were on his good side, he’d do anything for you. How you treated Tom was exactly how you got treated back. Once you figured that out, you’d get along great.”

O’Brien recalled one of his earliest photo requests in the late 1980s, when he asked for a photographer to take a photo of a couple standing outside their home in Troy. The photo was never taken.

When Tom was asked why, he told the editor — who had done something to tick him off — that he went to the house and the couple wasn’t standing outside at the appointed hour so he left.

“At the time, I was flabbergasted. Later, I realized the key to Tom was you had to treat him right or he’d find a way to give it right back to you,” O’Brien said. “When Tom realized I was a proud Guild supporter, he’d have done anything for me. He loved the Guild, believed it to be vitally necessary, and considered you a comrade in arms once he knew you agreed. He had a wicked sense of humor, a gravelly voice and he delighted in tormenting those he considered unfair to employees, but in the end he was extremely loyal.”





  • Steve Cheslow

    I knew Tom well for many years and worked with him on many assignments. I wasn’t an editor, but I guess I was one of the colleagues he liked as I liked and respected him. I was saddened when he left the Times Union, and am sadder now to read of his passing. He was a true professional, a kind man and a loyal friend. I will miss him greatly.

  • John Runfola

    Tom was a good colleague. I believe he started as a printer in the old days and then converted to a photographer. I think he was a leader in the printers union. After his service as Guild president, Tom further served his union brothers and sisters as a member of the old Guild pension fund. He was the unofficial leader of the Guild team and fought hard for better benefits.Several improvements that exist to this day are the result of Tom’s pension work.Tom was missed upon his deserved retirement and is missed now.

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