Guild sends hundreds of holiday greetings

Guild Xmas front

Guild Xmas inside

The Hearst noel is not a cheery one, as the Times Union turns out to be more Scrooge than Fezziwig.

It’s been more than 7 years since most Times Union employees received raises. (It’s not just Guild members. Middle managers have been stiffed too.)

The union has repeatedly offered concessions to try to reach an agreement, to no avail. The Company insists any contract include giving up any say at all in who gets laid off or what jobs get oursourced. (This could mean some longtime employees losing as much as half of their pension.) In return, the Company isn’t even offering a raise, just a flat, one-time $1,000 bonus.

The Guild hasn’t given up. We are drafting a new proposal, but we think the Company needs to hear from the public as well as our members. So the union sent the Christmas card above to hundreds of local leaders.

It’s part of our ongoing mobilizing campaign to convince the Company it shouldn’t just write about top workplaces. It should be one.

Thank you and enjoy your holidays!


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