Dialing for Fairness for Times Union families

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Sometimes, helping someone can be as simple as picking up the phone. The members of the Albany Newspaper Guild believe that this is one of those times…

As those who have been following our situation know, the hard-working families at the Times Union have endured a wage freeze for seven long years. This has gone on as the number of jobs have been reduced, leaving fewer people to handle an increasing amount of work.

Attempts to reach a compromise settlement appear to be stalled. The company will offer only paltry one-shot payments in exchange for the union forfeiting any control on outsourcing jobs and seniority in layoffs. This is unacceptable, and would be to any union in the Capital Region.

Only public opinion appears to have a possibility of inducing a change in this stance by the Hearst Corp. After all, as the voice of our community and its standards, the Times Union itself reproached Gov. Andrew Cuomo when he froze the wages of state management confidential workers for five years, saying it was unfair to heap such a burden on the backs of working families. Should a different standard apply within the walls of the Times Union itself? The Guild thinks not…

If you agree, please share this post on your Facebook and Twitter accounts, and pick up the phone, call the number in the photograph _ 454-5555 _ and say so.

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