Guild still awaits Company response to settlement offer

After almost a month, Guild members are still awaiting a response to the union’s July 31 proposal to settle the entire contract.

On August 14, Guild President Tim O’Brien sent Publisher George Hearst an email asking when a response could be expected. The publisher never replied.

On Tuesday, O’Brien went into human resources to ask Ruth Fantasia¬†when a reply could be expected. She said the company’s proposal would be reviewed at a corporate meeting next week.

“Our members have waited seven years for a raise and six for a contract,” O’Brien said. “We have made a fair settlement offer, and the Company needs to stop the foot-dragging and give us a response.”

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  • Ken Crowe

    While a month is a long time, the corporate discussion may be a good sign. A change to the pension plan would require approval at the corporate board level. That there is a discussion of sort could be hopeful. However, I never get my hopes up too high. The imposed contract has strenghts that we should hold on that other contracts have lost. We do need arbitration language again and raises. That’s what needs to be reinstalled.

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