Give your input Tuesday on press ad

The Guild’s Executive Board will meet at 12:30 p.m. Tuesday in the cafeteria to discuss whether to buy an ad in the special edition the first day the new press operates.

Guild leaders and members can also give their thoughts on what an ad should say.

The union has received strong feedback from members. Some have said we should not buy an ad since we have not received raises in more than five years.

Others have said we should buy an ad as the latest sign we are willing to bargain in good faith — without mentioning the lack of a contract. Still others have argued with equal passion that while we should hail the Company’s terrific investment in a new press, we should also note that the time is overdue for investing in employees too.

After all, it was employees who earned the TU the Newspaper of Distinction Award. Without us and our hard work, the pages would be blank.

Whatever you believe, come to the cafeteria Tuesday to share your views.

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