Do you know an advertiser who deserves our support?

The Guild is launching an initiative to show appreciation to the advertisers in the best way we know how: shop in their stores.

We are looking for locally owned businesses who deserve support. The idea is that we would work with the retailer, pick a day and send our members to shop there on that day. We would not be asking the retailer for any discounts, and the union would make clear this is a gesture of appreciation. It is not part of the sales contract, and the Guild would handle making the arrangements.

There are no strings attached. The Guild will not ask the advertiser to do or say anything in return. Sometimes referred to as “cash mobs,” these events have been held elsewhere nationally by unions and the Buy Local movement. (We read about it in Time magazine.)

This is a way to thank retailers for advertising in a difficult economy. Given that it is a slow time of year after Christmas, it’s a nice way to send some business to people who support us through their advertising. And we hope you will discover new places to go.

If you give us a copy of your receipt to show you participated, we will enter you in a drawing for a gift card the Guild will buy from the store. We will also reach out to the region’s Buy Local movement and other unions to encourage them to shop there too.

If you know an advertiser who deserves to have shoppers sent their way please CLICK HERE and let us know.

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