Asked to discuss your performance? You don’t have to go alone.

With the shifting landscape in the Times Union, some of us may be called in for meetings about our performance. Did you know we have the right to have a union representative present during discussions about our performance? We do.

Guild stewards can witness and participate in the conversation. If necessary, they are familiar with typical performance plans and can help make sure you get a fair deal.

Anytime you believe a meeting is about your performance — before the meeting,
during the meeting — you can say “I respectfully request union representation.” Do not ask your manager if you need union representation — say that you want it. 

At the very least, tell a union representative after the meeting so the union can guide, help and advocate for you. Don’t wait. The earlier the union knows there is a problem, the more it can do to help.

We also have the right to ask managers to provide information comparing our performance to our peers. If management won’t provide it, the Guild can request it on our behalf. Management has a legal obligation to respond to a union request.

Remember: ask for union representation. It’s your right.

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