Guild gets data on health care

The Guild received late Friday most of the information it sought from the company on health care, and discussions will resume this week with a new proposal from the union.

Our International Representative Jim Schaufenbil will join us.

“The Guild must always perform due diligence for our members and examine the numbers for ourselves to see if they are accurate,” Guild President Tim O’Brien said. “With this data in hand, we can now prepare our next proposal.”

The Guild expects to finalize details on the day and time for the next meeting on Monday. It will be this week. Even before getting the data, the union had asked for a meeting Tuesday.

The company could not meet that day. Company officials asked to meet Monday but that would have given the Guild no time to study the numbers received Friday night and to prepare a proposal.

We will keep our members posted as soon as we have details. We will share our proposal with you when we’ve finished our calculations and finalize it.

Members vote on any proposed change that is not comparable. What the company has proposed so far certainly qualifies.

In the past, the company has respected the membership’s decisions, including this year when our members rejected a proposed switch on dental care.

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