It’s about respect: Times Union employees discuss going 1,800 days without a raise

Times Union employees kicked off a campaign today that includes a new video, a a new website and table tents with messages as part of what will be an ongoing effort to communicate that 1,800 days = too long to go without a raise.

Some of the newspaper’s most prominent faces appear in the video and columnist Fred Lebrun even offers his support. The table tents feature messages that include “Respect: a two-street,” “I need a raise” and “We deserve a contract.”

The website,, is the place to go to learn about the campaign.

Committee members Lauren Stanforth, John De Rosier and Ty Stewart all talked about how the new mobilizing committee is a grass-roots effort to show the company that a raise and a contract is a sign of respect for all employees and not just something the union’s leaders want. They all encouraged the members at the kickoff event Tuesday to share their input. If people have an idea for a table tent message, they said, pass it on and it will be printed.

View the video here, let us know what you think and we hope you’ll join your colleagues in the next one.


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