A victory for all members

Do you remember watching longtime colleagues as they were walked down to human resources and fearing it could happen to you too?

Final agreement on NLRB settlement means never again!

The final agreement to settle the National Labor Relations Board case was signed Tuesday. Three illegally laid off workers will return to their jobs in two weeks. All 11 will get financial settlements. The details are just as we said when the agreement in principle was reached. It took some time, because pension credits and health care costs had to be worked out, but we are glad to say it is finally done.

As part of the settlement, the company must sign and post a statement saying it will never, ever treat anyone that way again. It must bargain with the union in good faith over the criteria for layoffs done outside seniority.

Even if the company wishes to lay off by the last person hired, it must first negotiate a buyout with the Guild to save jobs.

This case is not just about the past. It is about your future.

But there is unfinished business…
The Hearst Corp. and its foundation
are very generous in the community.
With fewer people doing more work
for less pay, we deserve a raise!


  • What Is Wrong with These People?

    I appreciate the Times Union running an even-handed account of this settlement in today’s editions. But I find this statement in it from the powers-that-be to be incredibly insulting: “As we have maintained throughout this process, we believe that we acted in a lawful manner, and with the best interests of all of the Times Union’s employees in mind.”

    If you ask any of the 11 Guild members or any of the exempt employees who were laid off three years ago or any of the employees not laid off who wondered throughout that day if they were next to be walked out the door, I’m pretty damn sure none of them are of the belief the Times Union acted in the best interest of its employees.

    Next are we to be told it’s in the employees’ best interests not to receive a raise for five years? Is it so hard to be decent, truthful and fair-minded?

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