• Tim O'Brien

      There are several maternity leave benefits. First a mother (or father) gets a paid week off upon the birth or adoption of a child. That may not sound like much but before we negotiated that benefit, people had to use up vacation time.

      Next, you get to return to your job or a comparable one. If your pregnancy causes you to go out early, you can use back sick pay. You can take child-rearing leave for up to a year without pay but your health insurance would continue for the first 12 weeks.

      Is there some specific aspect you have a question about? If so, leave another comment or contact me directly.

      • unknown

        Thank you for your response. So, they offer a paid week after the birth of a child and then the rest of the time off is unpaid? Are there any short term disability benefits?

        Tim O’Brien responds: Yes, there is short-term disability pay and you can also tap into unused sick time from prior years.

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