Guild must be fair to everyone

Since the dues case was settled, more than a dozen people hired during the past two years have signed their forms to pay dues and are in good standing.

The union is glad to see the overwhelmingly positive response people have had to the settlement reached by the Times Union and the Guild. The union is now focused on reaching a settlement on all of the other outstanding issues, including the contract and the NLRB case over the 11 illegally fired workers.

At the same time, First Vice President Lindsay LaFountain is doing a tremendous job leading the Guild’s Commission Committee, which is trying to get changes made in the drastically cut commissions advertising employees are receiving.

The dues form signed by Guild-represented employees specifies a once-a-year window when people can revoke their dues checkoff. This clause’s language has been the same for more than 60 years.Out of the 200 we represent, we’ve had three inquire about revoking their dues.

As our contract and the language of the checkoff form state, there is a “window of opportunity” and specific procedures to follow. The Guild’s Executive Board consulted with our attorney, Barbara Camens, and were informed our officers and Executive Board have no authority to break that signed agreement or to change the guidelines in any way.

The Guild board also strongly believes that everyone who benefits from the union should pay the dues. It is simply unfair for some people to cash the bonus check, expect a pension and accept other benefits, all for free, while others pay for the same benefits.

Should you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact any Executive Board member.

The Executive Board
Tim O’Brien
Lindsay LaFountain
Mark Hempstead
Brian Nearing
Tim Neff
Jeff Boyer
Dan Roesser

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