Today’s bonus check brought to you by your union

The bonus you will receive today is a direct result of the hard work of your union.

It is settlement money the company is paying after your dues collection was cut off in June 2009. Both parties agreed on the settlement before the case went to arbitration August 30. Dues collection will resume today as well.

This is a victory for Guild members, and it provides a chance to reinvigorate the union as we continue to work with the company toward a settlement of all outstanding issues.

Now we want to discuss with our members how we move forward. We will hold an open, informational meeting everyone can attend at 12:30 p.m. Wednesday, August 24, at the Colonie Public Library.

We want to discuss with you the Executive Board’s tentative ideas for dues rebates for those who stayed in good standing. (We’d also offer a window for people who fell a bit behind to get current in time to get the rebate.) We want to discuss partial forgiveness of the debt for those who fell behind and do not get current in time, and we’d like to go over the concept of repayment plans for our members who want to get current but need some time to do so.

If you’ve got ideas, please share them in the comments or come to the meeting and do so.

And if you have not filled out a dues checkoff form, contact Tim O’Brien at 5092, Lindsay LaFountain at 5023 or Brian Nearing at 5094. You can also call the Guild office at 482-9218 or by email at

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