Talks fruitful but not yet conclusive

The off-the-record talks Wednesday between the company and the Guild involved a frank exchange of ideas and concerns.

Guild International President Bernie Lunzer and the International’s attorney, Barbara Camens, came to Albany to participate in the talks. Our International Representative, Jim Schaufenbil, also participated. They joined local Guild representatives Tim O’Brien, Lindsay LaFountain and Brian Nearing.

While no conclusion was reached, the parties agreed to keep the dialogue going in the hopes of finding a path to a settlement. Due to the outstanding legal cases, the talks must remain behind closed doors unless and until a settlement is reached.

If that happens,members will be given time to review the proposal before voting on it. Members are encouraged to get current on dues so they would be eligible to vote.

“We are so grateful to Bernie and Barbara for taking time out from their busy schedules to come to Albany,” O’Brien said. “Their presence sent a clear message that our situation is a top priority for the national union. We are  committed to continuing this dialogue in the hopes both sides can find a way to compromise and reach a settlement.”

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